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I originally posted this in an older thread, but for some reason its closed. I am too lazy to retype a new one, so heres the old one:

Okay, I am now going with a completely different path. In total I have $300, with another $100 coming soon. I am going to use this money to build a budget gaming PC! I am using my copy of NFS The Run as a benchmark performance wise. So far, I have figured out that I want to go with an AMD quad-core 3.8 GHz and motherboard bundle found in a tiger direct magazine. As for graphics cards, I can get a GTX 560 used for $120, but if the price says anything about the quality, I am going to have a terrible computer. The other option I am conisdering is an 8800. I have a 32 bit version of Win7, so I am limited to 4 GB of RAM, but I am still going to put 8 GB in it, since it costs more to buy two sticks of 4 GB RAM at different times. My dad has an old SGI case (One of the old purple ones :D) that always fascinated me when I was little, so we had the idea of using it to make a kind of sleeper PC. We already have hard drives, power supplys, and CD drives all over the place (My dad has been working in computers for a LOOOOONG time, so we've accumulated a lot), so we may end up using the power supply and cd drive already in the SGI. I am not buying a new HD, because then I have to reinstall windows and move my stuff over, so I will just move my current 160 GB SATA with all my files to the new PC. I need some performance stats and tests on proccessors and GFX cards, and general help choosing parts that will give me a good bang/buck ratio. Thanks!
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  1. You shouldn't be looking at an 8800, it's too old.

    You'll get quicker responses with organized info:
    -Budget: $400
    -OS: No
    -Monitor: ???

    For every gaming build, I recommend to people 2 things. You want your Graphics to be 2x the price of the CPU. You want your budget to be 15-20% CPU, 30-40% Graphics.

    Using Tom's Recommendations

    $400 - 20/40
    CPU: Athlon II X4 640 ($75) 18.75%
    Graphics: GTX 650ti ($150) 37.5%
  2. Nothing wrong with going the route you are thinking. But keep in mind that moving your old HDD with Windows already installed will lead to issues. OEM Windows is legally tied to the motherboard it was installed on and if it sees too many changes from its original install, it may have trouble booting.

    Go with the GTX 560 unless you already have the 8800. The GTX 8800 xxx was great in its time, but is obsolete for most of today's games.
  3. First of all you'll have to save your important information on a separate drive and move it over, the new parts wont work with the old drive, different drivers.

    I would recommend the 560 because it's much more powerful than the 8800 but you'll need a good PSU not a crappy OEM one, to run that card it has to have two PCI-E power connectors. If you have no intention of getting 64bit why waste money on extra memory that won't ever be usable? It's so cheap you're better off just picking up some in the future.

    It seems you have everything picked out besides that and if you're content with that then I'd say go for it even though I'd suggest getting either a FX6300 or i3 for the processor vs whatever you have picked out (FX4300 at the minimum).
  4. Ok, I was mostly thinking 8800 because thats what is suggested on the back of my game. :S

    I already have a monitor. The memory WILL be usable because I think I clearly said that I would upgrade to 64-bit in the future. My mindset is different because I am trying to squeeze every freakin penny. :)

    My OS is already saying it's not genuine due to massive hardware slowdown/failure. Also, I am a bit mad that my W3644 is not included in the settlement against eMachines, as that faulty part caused me to lose ALL of my amazing home made lethal dubstep!
  5. Actually, I was told that it was an early beta and was free, so I downloaded and installed, but now it says it's not genuine! Does that mean I have illegal windows????? D:
  6. TrevinK said:
    Actually, I was told that it was an early beta and was free, so I downloaded and installed, but now it says it's not genuine! Does that mean I have illegal windows????? D:

    Betas are only legal until the release candidate for that version comes out. You'd have to buy a new license to make that legal again... and continue to get updates. In which case, it would be cheaper to just buy a new OEM from someplace like Newegg or Amazon when they run a sale.
  7. Oh... I don't really want to contribute to Bill Gates though. Can't I just make do with this?

    I do have a legal copy of XP, but it's 11 years old...
  8. I guess if you just choose to never update the copy of windows (turn it off in settings).
  9. TrevinK said:
    Oh... I don't really want to contribute to Bill Gates though.

    Bill and Linda Gates are fine humanitarians. They are using their wealth for the betterment of humanity. More billionaires should be like them.
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