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Can I use an Amd A8 and support 4 monitors with any ati card?

I have an AMD a8 CPU and an xfire videocard, 6670 I think, but whatever it is, it supports crossfire. However, with crossfire enabled, it refuses to support 4 monitors, so I don't really use it, because disabling the two monitors messes everything up on my desktop and etc.

So. What I'm wondering: with the APU and a newer videocard, could I still use 4 displays, but the newer videocard would be doing the work? Like, improving my game quality and etc.

I don't know if I'm phrasing this well, let me know if you need more info.
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  1. If your planning to game with 4 monitors, defiantly get another Video Card. Browse aboutthe net for reviews. Most are legit.

    Some games rely more on the CPU than the GPU. But not many. A new higher end GPU will make your gaming performance MUCH better
  2. I don't intend to game with 4 monitors, I just game with the one big one in the middle. I work from home, doing remote software repair crap, the 4 help with productivity/entertainment. I just need one for gaming, however, I'm not familiar with anything that switches off rendering to the other monitors while a game is running or etc without me having to rearrange icons, gadgets, open folders/docs etc.

    But that's not super important.
    My motherboard,
    and V-card.

    As you can see, the motherboard has HDMI out and dvi out.
    What I'm wondering, is say I bought this videocard, would the ports on my motherboard still work, allowing me to support 4 monitors? Or do these display ports on say that videocard have adapters to support DVI/HDMI/VGA?
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    I wrote a reply but tom hardware forums ate it, i will re write it but quick sorry....

    its all in the bios please read the bios from here:

    And check this screenshot :

    you will need to do is

    Enable IGFX

    Check the primary display adapter as your external card to benefit from games.

    Choose the integrated graphic cards to FORCE, and not AUTO cause auto will turn it off.

    Choose the RAM you wish to give the APU if you have 4GB of RAM --> 512 to APU , 8GB --> 1GB to apu

    hope this helps, i have APU like you but i paired it with shiity mobo cause i am poor
  4. Check the primary display adapter as your external card to benefit from games.

    meaning check the PCI option in primary video device
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  6. Hit the nail right on the head, I believe I had to tinker with that to get it to do 4 monitors this-a-way it's set up now, and I'm happy to hear that will work with a different video card.

    Small side question, then: Would that mean with the display ports I could support up to 5-6 monitors? >:D
  7. Hey punkonjunk, i don't know about the 5-6 monitors i reckon it will depend on the external VGA and i reckon its do-able, the only problem with it that its hard to find that many monitors and the more you add monitors that will reduce the gaming performance however your V-card have 2gb of ram so it can easily be spitted between 2 monitors and its powerful enough .

    i know the APU can handle up to 3 displays perfectly fine (no gaming), given that you give it enough RAM --> 512MB for the APU for all the 3 monitors will be more than great, and if you can give them 1GB of RAM it will work beautifully.
  8. And that's what I'm hoping to do, have the APU handle the 3 secondary monitors, and the new GFX card for the primary display, the 47in TV.
    One thing I'm looking for but don't need right now... is there a gaming mode application or something that turns off rendering to certain monitors, but doesn't disable them? My biggest frustration with the multimon setup is that it's impossible to do that. If I disable them, all my icons get ruined and I have to re-configure everything by hand. So, I'd like to turn off rendering without disabling them, freeing the resources but not messing up my configuration. I know this is prolly a question for another thread.
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