Are all of these parts compatible?

Hello, I am building a new gaming computer. I based a lot of these components off of a "virtual build" if you will, off of I am going to be ordering all of the parts and building it myself at home.

Below I will link all of the parts I plan on buying, I would just like someone who knows a little more about components to review them all and make sure everything will be compatible together. I have swapped parts on pc's a lot, but this is my first REAL build from the ground up. So I just want to make sure everything is compatible.

Case -

Mainboard -

Processor -

Processor cooler -

Graphics card -

Hard drive -


Optical drive -

Power supply -

Though probably irrelevant I will also be putting lighting inside the case, probably LED, not sure what the best route is. Also, eventually later on down the road I would like to convert everything to liquid cooling, either one part at a time or just save up and get it all converted at once, will the power supply be sufficient to add this?

Thanks for taking a look and helping me out, I appreciate it!
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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to click your links
  2. You are most welcome, but I believe you missed the original point my posting the links.
  3. rowdymoody said:
    You are most welcome, but I believe you missed the original point my posting the links.

    I believe you may have missed my point about posting only links

    I know most of the hardware people are likely to use , and would only click link if I didnt . This saves a lot of time and a big chunk of 3G data allowance . Im not that keen on hitting my cap before the end of my billing cycle . That gets really expensive .

    It also seems like people are helping you help them if they also take the time to name the hardware
  4. Ah, well realizing you are on a phone and / or limited data plan, I apologize.

    I will go ahead and name off all of the parts.

    Case - Corsair 600t whit edition

    Mainboard - Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H

    Processor - Intel i5 3570k

    Processor cooler - Corsair H70

    Graphics card - XFX Radeon 7970 (regular model, not black edition or GHZ edition)

    Hard drive - Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200rpm

    RAM - 8gb (2 x 4gb) Corsair vengeance 1600mhz DDR3

    Optical drive - Asus 24x read/write DVD-ROM drive

    Power supply - Azza Dynamo 650w ATX power supply, crossfirex sli ready.
  5. Best answer
    Yes they are compatible , and all but the power supply are good quality .

    To run that you should be looking for an 80+ bronze [ or better] rated psu .
    You need about 600-650 watts

    Your motherboard cant crossfire or SLI so a second graphics card isnt an option later on . Is that a problem? [ crossfireX is not the same ]
    If you were then the Asrock Z77 Extreme4 is a good choice .

    I would be really tempted to use a cheaper case and drop the water cooler in favor of fitting a 128 gig Samsung 830 or 840 SSD as a boot drive . That will make the comp boot and load faster .
    The CM hyper 212 works well , and so does the Xigmatek GAIA . Both cost about $30
    But your options work well too
  6. what does the 80+ bronze, silver, gold, platinum ratings mean exactly? Is it just a rating system to rate how power efficient power supplies are, like how much electricity they pull?

    I cannot say for certain I will want to crossfire later on, but just in case I might as well be prepared so I will go ahead and opt for that Asrock mainboard.
  7. The power from your wall socket gets converted to 3.3 , 5 and 12 volt to run your computer .
    The ratings measure how much of the original power from the wall is converted .

    But for a system builder the advantage of bronze or better is that to be that efficient you have to have electronic control of the voltage and that means stable voltages that dont change [ much ] as the load varies , and that means less chance of a system crash .

    As a bonus you also save some power .
  8. your much better off with this:
    XFX P1650SNLB9 Core Edition Power Supply - 650W $79.99*After Rebate

    are you sure about spending $170 for a case???
  9. Okay I get it now, I will go ahead and get that xfx psu that looniam linked. As far as the case goes, I was originally looking at the Zalman z11 plus HF1, which I can pick up for 65 dollars. But I was really liking the look and everything of the corsair 600t, maybe I will shop around and see if I can find a better deal on it. I might just get the Zalman, or just fork out the extra money for the aesthetics, superior cable management, and more space of the corsair 600t, plus I like the built in fan controller. Money won't be a major issue with this build, I will have to do recalculating after work to see where I am at price wise, I would like to keep it right around 1100, but that can be flexed around a bit.
  10. IMO definitely spend some of that budget on an SSD as a boot drive .

    One of my computers has a samsung 830 , and running windows 8 it will boot from cold in about 7 seconds
  11. Alright, I think I will go ahead and also fork out the cash for a 128g SSD as well. The extra boost in loading speed will be very nice.
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