Need help with graphics upgrade on my gateway desktop

Hello everyone and thanks for checkin this out. I just bought the gateway dx4380g-uw308 and i feel like its a pretty solid comp for me. I only had as much as this bad boy cost and with my not so great knowledge i felt this was the best i could do. So far im loving it, but figure i could use a dedicated card for really pimpin on some of these newer games. Im thinkin radeon 6770 is around a hun and i can afford that, but if i slap it in will it be compatible? Will i need more cooling? Bigger power supply? Any help would be great. amd a-6 5400k 3.6 processor, 6g ram, not sure what specific motherboard is? Hell you guys are the pros ill just let you do your thing, thanks and anxiously awaiting your wisdom!
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  1. Theoretically a 300w PSU could run a 6770, but you'd want to get a better one than the one already built into your system, the one you have now won't be able to handle really any video card above maybe a 6450.
  2. A 7750 will run nicely on your 300w psu

    I recommend that, costs less, uses less power, performs on par with the 6770
  3. What is your power supply unit exactly? People are guessing that it is 300 watt, but if it's weaker, HD 7750 might not work, so it's better not leaving it to chance.

    Also, what is your budget? Perhaps, you should get a better card than HD 7750 if you can spend more?

    Seems like the typical OEM 300 watt. It should run fine with a 7750 and would be my choice as a 6770 pulls more power. If you can open up the comp and list out the voltages and the name of the company on the power supply it would be most helpful for further assistance.

    It most likely is in the top corner and has a bunch of cables protruding from it connecting to the rest of the components.

    Also do you have a budget? That would help out as well.
  5. It is a 300w, but my wifes on it now so i dont wanna open her up. Might i say, DAMN that was fast!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much guys. So should i upgrade the power supply even if im rockin the 7750? And do i need to worry about compatability with the system or about extra heat build up inside the ol tower?
  6. Depends on how much you want to spend. HD 7750 is only worth it if you don't want o upgrade the power supply unit. If you do upgrade it, you should grab HD 7770 at least - it costs the same as HD 7750, needs more power and is 20% faster.

    So yea, you need to tell us your budget ;P.
  7. Haha sorry bro, technically my budget is 0, but im gonna scrounge up enough for a card, so id prefer not to get a new psu, so it sounds like ill just go with the 7750, thanks a ton for the help guys, i would of been bummed to put one in and bring my comp down. So thanks again guys!!! Im super stoked that i have somewhere to get good advice now, thanks all
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