Using a LED TV 46'' as monitor for gaming, is viable?

Hello guys i have to make my mind in about 5 hours, thats when it ends the promotion.
It's viable to use this led TV as a gaming monitor for fps/rpg's/mmorpgs?

I have a Radeon HD6670 now but i plan to upgrade to a GTX 670 soon.
thanks !!
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  1. If the TV has a HDMI input (which is almost certain but I can't read the site) then you are good to go. Hope this helps.
  2. I love playing on my 46" LED.
    Recently built a new rig, but even with the old one (560ti, rest about 4years old stuff) it was awesome.
    Been playing all sorts of games on it including Diablo3, WoW, Eve, Borderlands, etc etc
  3. I used to do the same thing and it was awesome.
    Other things to consider:
    You may want a 2 screen setup with a regular monitor for everyday tasks and the big screen for games and video.
    I found I needed a wireless mouse and keyboard so I could put the PC near the HDTV while I sat on the couch.
  4. Technically, it doesn't matter how "big" the screen size is
    What matters is the resolution of the screen (eg 1280*1024) at which you will be gaming
    If its same(or lower) resolution at which you usually play games on you monitor then it should be fine even without a graphic card upgrade
  5. I personally think for gaming, that would be a bit disturbing
    A 23-27" does much better and does the quality for 1080P justice.
    No need to get a 46" unless you will be switching from gaming to watching TV
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