Need help, planning to build a computer

Hi I am currently waiting for a pre-made computer I bought at the link is here
Seeing that it is a Small Form Factor Case I was just wondering if it was possible to transfer ALL of the components into a medium-sized case say

The reason why i'm asking is because I plan to upgrade the mother board, power supply unit, and the graphics card but not at the moment. It's something I plan to do in the long run.

If you can please help it would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Im confused, so you bought a case with components in it. But your want to replace the case, and the components?...soo what did you buy it? why not just buy the case and what you want to put into it?
  2. I think this is going to cost you more money in the long are pretty much going to have to build a new computer depending on what you want to do with it. If you want to run newer games you will probably end up having to replace everything.
  3. It's Walmart So your gonna have to replace everything...
  4. Take it back. And you can't replace the motherboard without buying a new copy of windows. What you're doing makes zero sense
  5. What made you decide to buy a computer from of all places?
  6. Have any of you read the walmart link? The computer is not a walmart computer, it is sold through walmart's site from a different vendor. And for $230 it's a pretty decent computer I would say and quite frankly this is a long run project because all I have is like $250 ATM that just went to buying this computer

    So if you have any other ideas as to what I can do with $250 go ahead and shoot me some

    Also it comes with a fresh copy of windows 7 premium and according to Microsoft licensing tersm I can re-install windows 7 on another computer as long as I remove it from their first.

    And shouldn't the 1 TB hard drive be transferable as well as the AMD X2 Processor? (I know the processor is crap to today's standards but like I said this is a long-run build)
  7. I think you have the right idea and got a great deal, but you are using the wrong OEM and form factor.

    Dell has some models that provide *standard* components, but in many instances their components can be proprietary to their own stuff.

    Your OEM OS license is keyed to the motherboard - meaning that it cannot be re-installed on another motherboard (except in the instance of a maintenance replacement).

    If you are lucky, the motherboard will indeed move to a new case. If you are unlucky, that ^%$@! motherboard will not even line up with 'standard' ATX mounting holes, and you will have no way to mount a CPU cooler.

    I would also suspect the original PSU is non-standard and will not mount in a typical case.

    The real value in your system is the Win7 Pro OS -- but, once again, it is keyed to your original system motherboard
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