About a $1000 upgrade. What I get wrong? What is right?

I'm hoping to upgrade my current build and wanted to know if this upgrade was right and I didn't miss anything. Is everything compatible? Also have any of you fellas had any trouble with the the hardware below? If so what was the problem? Helpful critic is welcome.

Planned upgrade parts below.

-Motherboard: Asus 990FX sabertooth-

-Cpu- Amd 8350-

-Cpu cooler- Noctua NH-U12P SE2

-Memory- Corsair 8gbx2- two orders of this for 32gb-

-Graphics card- Sapphire HD7970 OC with boost

-Thermal paste remover-

-Artic silver 5 thermal compound-

-Evercool Armor 2x5.25" hard drive bay for 3 hdd or 4x2.5 SSDs. getting this because the graphics card might be large enough to force me to remove my 1st hard drive cage.

-Maybe a pci slot mount for ssds?

Current build

to give you an idea of what I would be upgrading from. And give you an idea of what is staying.

Case- Cooler Master Storm Scout 2, Gunmetal gray- stays
Motherboard- Foxconn micro atx 780G - replace
Cpu- Amd 9550 2.2 ghz quad core - replace
cpu cooler- stock heat sink fan- replace
Ram- Samsung 6gb (2X1gb and 2X2gb) -replace
Gpu- onboard Radeon 3200 -replace
Hard drive- Seagate 750gb sata 2 -stays
Optical drive- Some sata dvd-rw/cd-rw drive scavenged off last build-stays
Power supply- Seasonic X-series 850W 80 plus gold, 100% modular-stays
fans- 9X120mm fans,( 6 Cooler Master 69cfm fans (3 blue led and 3 red led) and one Rosewill 74cfm white led fan and one Thermaltake 70cfm blue led fan.)- would like to keep all 9 in the case with everything.
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    Do you really need 32GB ? just one kit of 16GB will be enough, in my opinion.
    There's a good cooler for that cpu :

    There's some good and cheaper motherboards out there for that cpu :

    It's all compatible, with older parts and the rest of the stuff you're planning to add.
  2. if this is a gamer then you dont need more than 2 x4 gig of RAM

    The graphics card will fit

    dont bother paying for arctic silver . It does nothing interesting
  3. That ASRock board looks nice.

    I would like the 8 sata ports so I could try some raid 1 or maybe even some raid 10 way later on. I was thinking of doing a wicked Samsung 840 pro 512gb ssd raid 10 array sometime in the future (yeah I know its really expensive). Is that a good idea on this board or would one need a fancy raid card?

    Yeah I could go with the (8gbx2) 16gb of ram to start. It would reduce costs and if someday it is not enough I could just get more.
  4. The extreme 9 is the flagship of asrock amd mobos, the mobo has 6 sata III ports for raid, you don't need any raid card.
    The phanteks cooler is also a good cooler to take in consideration, it's a new cooler from a top brand of high end air coolers, see a review :

    There're other colors for the cooler.
  5. Outlander_04 said:
    if this is a gamer then you dont need more than 2 x4 gig of RAM

    The graphics card will fit

    dont bother paying for arctic silver . It does nothing interesting

    Thanks for the Article on the thermal paste. I guess I will use whatever thermal compound comes with the heat sink I purchase or get some the Intel compound.

    Yeah I thought the graphics card would fit. It is 280mm long and the CM Storm Scout 2 has room for 287mm with the hard drive cage in place. It is just going to be a tight fit.
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