MSI 6670 VS ASUS 6670

Hi I am buying a gpu and I want to know which one is better

Msi 6670

Asus 6670

Which one is better

I also wonder if my psu is powerful enough? I am thinking in buying the corsair 430 watt. Also my psu is a 330 watt stock dell psu

Will that run it?

Also I wont be running graphically tense games

I want to play Minecraft, tf2 (wont run above 3 fps)

And I want to run these games better Roblox (I know :/), Cs Portable, and a bunch of other games with radical frame drops (avg is 28 fps, highest is 39 and lowest is 19)

All of this I could run on a shitty intel Family integrated graphics card

(I also am currently running this system on a vga monitor, buying one soon after it)

I play at 1024X764(any higher and the monitor looks super tiny)

I am also currently using 1 gb of 200 ddr2 memory and have ordered 4 gb 800 ddr2. I know 1005 that I will get a better performance all around because my usual memory is around 800, and when playing its around 900 and starts to lag. And I keep my taskmanger super clean with only like 8 background processes and 1 present process.

Thanks, sorry if you cant understand, I am not good at english
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  1. Both of them perform so get the MSI one as its cheaper. Also It would be a good idea to get the corsair PSU and not risk frying your system with the dell PSU.

    The 6670 will easily manage those games at 1024x768 so you're good to go.
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