My wireless doesn't work !

:pfff: hello ... i got a problem whit my wireless .... got HP Pavilion dv7-6050ef Entertainment Notebook PC and my wireless buton doesn't work ... i mean its red all the time .. if i press "fn + f12 button (it is the wireless buton ) " noting happens.... it is red when i rebot pc all the time ... and doesn't change... and when i go to device manager it doesn't show ! if i try to install the drivers .... i downloaded them then i tryed to install ... noting happens .... ! any ideas ?:D
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  1. Is the adapter enabled in the device manager?
  2. in device manager i see only realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and i think thats for cable :D :) i got wired internet right now ... if i refresh the manage notings shows. ..
  3. Is the wireless driver installed?
  4. i tryed to install but ... dunno wat happens i press next / next then it close ... ! when the file are loading
  5. hey do you got teamviwer .?so u see u'rself wat happens when i try to install them
  6. n1 ... no one know's what i should do ?
  7. cmone SOMEONE help me please :(
  8. lol ! noone knows?:O
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