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Custom Resolution on dual screen with Nvidia card on Windows 7 64

December 17, 2012 9:56:28 AM

Hey Guys!

I had a problem for a day of 3/4 that I just couldn't get BOTH of my Acer AL2017 monitors on the 1400x1050 resolution which they support and on which they look the best. The stupid thing was: One did work, and the other SEEMED to work in that resolution (windows and powerstrip said so) but it just wasn't.

It drove me almost nuts: I installed windows fresh and with the most recent drivers.

Some more info by the way:
win7 64 bit
i7 3770k
16g ram
asrock b75 pro3-m
nvidia 7300gt (acer version, I know this card is OLD but hey I dont game and just want to work with two vga monitors...)
I also use a KVM swich (aten Dual view unit) but the other computer with windows 7 32b with an old ATI card works flawless (except for the fact that I had to work the registry to make the 1400x1050 work...))

I tried everything; powerstrip, look into EDID (which my monitors doesnt seem to have according to powerstrip, i tried making custom drivers. etc etc etc. Nothing seemed to work. I even tried using both the inbuild graphics of the MOBO with the Nvidia card, which didn't work.

I FINALY found it, I just installed an antique vista 64 driver and BAM worked like a charm... this driver I used: ' 100.54_winvista_64bit_international'

Oh lots of credit to this guy 'bird 391' which posted in this topic:

I hope i can help other people out with this stupid problem....