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About a year ago I built my first computer. About 99% of the time I love it, It is super fast and plays games very well. I do have one issue. On certain websites it takes several minutes to load in between clicks. Here are a list of the sites that I have found to be painfully slow. Is there a connection here?

Newegg = it will load the page quickly but when I select an item it takes forever to go to the next page; sometimes minutes.

TurboTax = I did my taxes today and it took up to 5 minutes between selections.

Gmail = It will load very quickly, but when I select an email it takes about a minute to load.

Walmart = the same as Newegg.

My systems is:
ASUS Sabertooth
IvyBridge 3770k (stock-no oc)
16g ram (1600)
680 graphics card

I love my computer but I wish I could figure this out. I just updated my BIOS today. I have cleared all my history and temp files. Does anybody have any suggestions on what is wrong or how to go about troubleshooting this issue?

Thanks a ton
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  1. Some sites get more traffic and take time .

    Other pages may have flash or other files that are larger in size .
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