PCI-E extension Riser and GPU performance

hi, i recently purchased this entry level GPU:


however i found that it wont fit in my PCI - E slot as it must go in 'upside down' and i dont have enough space at the bottom of my case, however, i have worked out that it would fit if the fan faced upwards and i used a pci extension ribbon, like this:


however, i am wondering if this would reduce the gpus performance or cause any other issues?
any help would be greatly apreciated
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  1. No loss of performance as its a direct connection through the riser.
  2. thanks!
  3. If your processor is a third generation i5 up, your photo on the riser Cable, guarantee not work
    Please search:Who can help, let me in this forum, held a purchase option to vote

    cjcz7 said:
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