2012 Plasma TV as Monitor = Pixelation?

I just tranistioned from Panasonic 60" DLP TV to Samsung 530 60" Plasma TV and the degradation is stark. On the plasma using HDMI (same as DLP) its like every other pixel is turned off. for a pixelated, cross hatch feel to it.

It's really soured my excitement about this new TV. Games do look somewhat decent but desktop browsing is horrible. Any reason for this? Is it defective? Screen is at 1920x1080.
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  1. tinker with your TV settings, it should have a TV mode and a PC mode...pc mode will give you that sharpness
  2. Make sure you turn game mode on. If you don't your mouse movements will feel like controlling a sponge.
  3. You should have got a LED TV. I use my media center with LED TV in my living room and the picture is awesome for gaming and watching a movies ...at certain distance of course
  4. Alot of DLP's could do other resolutions other than 720 or 1080. Just make sure your computer is truly at 1920x1080. (and not 1900x1200 for example) Other than that, follow what alvine suggested.
  5. Check the settings of your video card. All over-/underscan set to zero and resolution set to 1920p (not 1920i)?
  6. My Samsung plasma has no issues at all with picture quality. Everything looks great.
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