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Hello lovely guys at Tom's Hardware!

I built a home system about a month ago now and every thing seems fine
Though recently I have been getting this shuddering effect when watching videos on youtube, listening to music, ect

Its really hard to explain 'shuddering' but i found a video that can paint a picture

Now, this 'shudder' occurs once during the video, though in my case the 'shudder' will repeat about 3 times during the same incident

Specs of my machine can be provided, as well as any log, ect.

Thankyou, Sqoh.
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  1. ive heard of other people having the same problem with the new adobe flash. 11.5. try uninstalling the new flash and installing a previous version, 11.2 or something.
  2. Does the shudder happen when listening to music via Windows Media Player, or is this strictly tied to YouTube's website only? Have you checked your event viewer for any errors that seem to have the same timestamp as the shudder?
  3. Only youtube so far, and music on via soundcloud links though facebook this morning, the only thing is as its a new build i haven't got round to downloading music yet but, when i do it will be though iTunes, ill try that now with a cd or something to see if it happens?
    How do i check my event viewer?
    By browser is Google Chome as well
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