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Hi guys,
I have an nvidia 7600GT installed on my HP A6000N and on the pci-e x16 slot. When I plug in the monitor to that it does not work (blank screen), and when I connect it to the motherboard it does work with the integrated graphics (6150se). I did set the pci-e 16 slot to primary in bios, but it is still not recognized. I went to the nvidia website and did download a driver that supports many cards and one of them being the 7600gt, but it's still not recognizable. What can I do?
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  1. What PSU do you have?
  2. It's 300watts. I forgot to mention that I have missing drivers for my audio and "PCI simple communications controller".

    What happened is I had this pc and never used it (hp a6000n), I decided to open it up today and realized I had a gpu installed (I don't remember upgrading) so since it has a better gpu than my other pc I was using, plus better psu, I decided to bring it back to life. I used the hard drive from my other pc (with xp) and had to find drivers for the motherboard and make it work with xp. My internet connection now works and everything seems ok, except audio and graphics.

    I don't remember why I stopped using the a6000n, so maybe there's something wrong with the card-but why the blank screen and why doesn't cccleaner recognize it as my gpu and lists 6150se instead?
  3. check the device manager to see if windows had detected it.

    does the 7600gs work when your are in the bios.
    the monitor needs to be connected to the 7600gs.
    do not have a monitor connected to the igp.
    if the 7600gs does not work, (and a monitor is connected to it), in bios then you are SOL.
    (seeing the bios screen on the monitor connected to the 7600gs only)
  4. I'm fairly certain this card needs at least a 350W power supply,which would be why it isn't working. Are you able to borrow another PSU to test it?
  5. it does not work in bios either Redeye.
    I do have a 500watt on my other pc, I think what happened is I used to have the card installed on the other pc (because the stock psu is not 500watts, that means I upgraded the psu), I just can't remember how the card ended up in the other pc. Wouldn't it at least be recognized even with insufficient psu?

    Those barrel shaped things (don't know what they re called) on the gpu are cracked/split, bad sign?
  6. device manager did not detect it
  7. Try it with the 500W and see if it works, if not we can explore other options but I'm pretty sure this is the problem.
  8. Comment deleted.
  9. cracked caps not a good sign.. make sure you installed the mb chipset drivers if not a lot of the pci devices wont work right. if the gpu has a fan is it moving. also some of the older gpu had a floppy connector for power. micro center has the 8400gs for under 30.00 it just the next model video card up from the one that in your system now.
  10. I just installed the 500w, still nothing. The 7600gt is not recognized. The fan on the card IS spinning (that means the pcie slot is working, right?)

    I did download different drivers trying to find what will work, I got my ethernet connection to work I don't know where to find the PCI controller to work and the audio. Is this relevant to the graphics card though since the fan is spinning=slot has drive
  11. thanks Smorizio, I might have to get the 8400gs if I don't figure this out
  12. Install the Chipset driver and reboot. Then install all other drivers.

    Chipset:NVIDIA nForce 430

    This should get the rest of you chipset features installed.
    But after hearing about the caps being cracked and such..I would say that the card is most likely done for...
    Hope this helps...JQ
  13. already downloaded that, that's not it..I guess I have to start looking for a graphics card.
    Anything that fits a pci-e slot and is for a 500w psu will do right? Any recommendations?
    Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it
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