How frequently should I change my GPU?

To be short I started building my gaming PCs since 1999 .....thats my time line :

1-RIVA TNT2 32mb which was an amazing Card ( stopped using it when it couldnt handle the NFS underground1)-1999 lasted ( 2 years )
2-Geforc2 MX400 64mb (a big dissappointment was not a gaming card at all with poor Performance/Cost ratio)-2001 lasted (2 years)
3-ATI Radeon 9200 128mb ( was a nice one but did not last too long )-2003 lasted ( 3 years)

4- ATI HD 3450 256mb ( was a big dissapointment too but I could not afford any higher budget )-2006 lasted ( 2 years)
5- ATI HD 4850 1GB ( my Current GPU ...its a very nice one and still using it ; maxing all of my games on 19" (1440X900)res.)-2008 till now ( 4 years)

now the question is what should be my next upgrade that will last more than lets say ( 5 years ) with max efficiency considering that im not using a very high res. maximum 1440X900 as im not planning on getting bigger monitor ( Im happy with the 19" size)....

my specs are as following :
CPU :AMD FX-8120
Ram: 16GB DDR3
HDD : 2.0 TB

Mother board : Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
PSU : 500W cooler master
Budget : 230 $

Thanks in advance
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  1. Upgrade it whenever it is no longer powerful enough for you. If your 4850 is poweful enough for you then why worry about it? If I was you I would upgrade the monitor before anything else.
  2. until your wallet hurts....

    a gtx660 is a good card.
  3. With your budget, it should be between the Radeon 7870 and the Geforce GTX-660. Both are solid performers and since you're not using a high resolution they should last long.
  4. 1440X900 7850 1gb is plenty
  5. There is no set time - just upgrade when you need to.
    The cheapest option would be just to get another card and run in SLi, but it depends what you do as not all games benefit from it.
  6. Get GTX 660. Done.

    MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr III OC. Thats mine and I max all games on 1080p. ;)
  7. the issue now is not only the gpu but the mb and cpu you connect the gpu too. if your system was an i5 or i7 and you had a 670 video have a system that could lat three or four years before you had to build a new pc. on your system the cpu going to bottle neck the newer and faster gpu when they drop next year.
  8. Thanks guys I think I'll wait a couple of months and go for the HD7870 ....
    Because I have read that the 7850 Stock performance is on the same level as the previous gen cards, and for the same price. In those terms it really does nothing new.

    and at stock speeds it's fairly dull,how far is it true ?
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    your resolution with no intent to change 7850 1 gb will max out games with far less power than the previous generation and offers the most room to overclock but you won't have to as it provides all you need for that resolution without being wasteful
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