Gtx 480 not available online

I found EVGA 015-P3-1480-KR GeForce GTX 480 @ . Newegg and almost every online shop i know doesn't have EVGA gtx 480 (Its out of stock or discontinued) . Even if they did they charge a price of $500 of price. I am looking forward to buy the card around $200 (a new one ofcourse). Most of my friends had this card and i know a lot of people bought card for being cheap and giving a good performance. If you know any place to buy this card for around $200 let me know. I saw a few deals at Ebay for $266 . Please suggest me anyother shop tat offers for a less rate :D
Please excuse my grammar .
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  1. And is corsair gs 700 enough for the below :
    i7 3770k
    asus p8z77 v pro
    corsair vengeance 16gb
    gtx 480
    seagate 1tb 7200rpm and 500gb Hdd
    1 DVD RW drive
  2. You'll be very lucky to get a GTX480, let alone for $200.

    The GTX480 was EOL along time ago and so is no longer in production, some E-tailors may still have some stock but will charge more than the card is worth to take advantage of people who are looking to go SLI for example.

    The GTX480 has some major flaws though, it consumes alot of power and therefore runs very hot and is noisy, perhaps look at some alternatives?
  3. Please tell me an alternative card . I need a Nvidia card . Its for my bro who do rendering , video editing , 3d animation. Tell me good power supply for the system.
  4. He do overclocking also to make it fast
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    Ok well a GTX660 would be a good card in that price range

    Something like this:

    The PSU you mentioned previously would be perfectly fine with the above card and the rest of the system specs you mentioned.
  6. what about GTX660 Ti ? Is it worth buying compared to GTX660 and $100 more ?
  7. And do u recommend zotac or evga for cooling purpose.
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  9. The anandtech site is excellent for comparing two GPU's

    The cooler on the Zotac is more than adequate considering the GTX660 runs cool.
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