ASUS 7870 vs. GTX 570

I'm wondering if the ASUS HD 7870 is better then the regular GTX 570,
with an i5 3570k and 8GB DDR3 ram, for battlefield 3 at medium - high [Atleast 60 fps or above] at 1080p, Black Ops 2 at high settings without AA at 1080p, at 100 fps or above, CoD4 promod lowest settings at 250 fps [max in promod].
Will i have to upgrade?

Full ***:

i5 3570k
ASUS Radeon HD 7870
2 x 4GB G.Skill sniper 1600Mhz
Asrock Z77
Cooler master Elite 500w
Cooler master Hyper 212
Cooler master elite 430

Do i have to upgrade my case? :bounce:
thanks <3
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  1. no you dont have to upgrade your case, I would get the 7870
  2. No upgrade needed and deffinatly get the HD 7870 it beats out the GTX 570 in most benchmark tests and. had a larger memory bus then the GTX 570

    also 500W PSU is the minimum PSU you can have with that card, It wouldent be bad to get an upgrade but you can still run it
  3. Its an ASUS card :L
  4. Could that card handle BF3 on 1080 @medium at a min of 60 fps or more? :L
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