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I want to upgrade to a HDMI graphics card my HP Pavilion and not sure wh

I want to upgrade to a graphics card with for my HP Pavilion and not sure how to figure out what card to purchase ?
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  1. wat do u want it for? gaming or something else?
    and at what resolution? do u want to play in ultra or low settings will do?
    and your cpu is kinda outdated too, its not gonna give u best performance.
    and wat is your budget?
  2. Hi dheeraj9933,

    Thanks for answering.
    it's to watch movies/TV shows on a 32" TV.
    Also to use the TV as monitor occasionally.
    The PC will be for the bedroom so will only be occasional use and outstanding video quality is not essential, it would be nice if it was good quality though.
    I'm in living in the middle east at the moment and shipping a HDMI converter box from Amazon is expensive. (you need a secondary courier service). I can't find a box out here.
    Graphics card seem's a cheaper solution.
    Happy to spend €35 / $45 or so.

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    there u go.
    a GT 610. it has HDMI, it is cheap, requires low power and it is a new gen as well!!
    this is your best option if u dont want gaming.
    if your questions are answered, u can close this thread, but dont be afraid to clear any doubts
  4. Thanks for taking the time dheeraj9933, much appreciated. That should sort me out
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