Quadro 600 vs GTX680 vs HD7970 3DS MAX 13 Viewport Performance FIGHT!


Just wanted to share my findings when, we tested viewport performance of the mentioned cards using a 2.4 million poly model in Max 2013. We tested in Nitrous and Direct3D in wireframe. Every test we start from a default camera and tried to pan and drag the model around. Model is viewed from far.

PC Specs
i7 3770K
SSD Crucial m4 120GB

Quadro 600 1GB
-using latest performance drivers from nvidia's site.
-direct3d we got 23fps
-nitrous 5.7fps

GTX680 4GB
-tested using an old driver and a latest beta driver. We get the same performance.
-direct3d 14.3fps
-nitrous 2.8

HD7970 3GB OC
-tested using latest beta and old driver. Same performance.
-direct3D 16.03fps
-nitrous 2.9

-we also tested sketchup and HD7970 gave the worst sketchup jagged lines... eventhough aa x4 is on.
-quadro 600 and gtx 680 gave nearly the same sketchup performance and smooth lines.
-we noticed when we tested a small model HD7970 and GTX680 gave very high framerates( around 160fps) and quadro would be half of that, but when the models get more complex. the little quadro could sustain and give a workable framerate when the other two would just lag badly.



Although it is small and looks like a weak gpu. It has the best performance in Max 2013 viewport out of the three, and it costs cheaper than those two gaming card. The HD7970 is a little bit better than the GTX680. The conclusion is the quadro 600 is a good and value for money card for people working with 3DS MAX and dont play games :)

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  1. This is because the Quadro is optimized for these workloads, and the Gaming cards are not, they also have artificial limitations placed on them to reduce their performance in these scenarios.
  2. Those gaming cards are far more powerful than the low end quadro 600 with 3-4 times the ram size. We were testing because I've read people say that those cards perform quite well with max.
  3. This is all about the optimzations of drivers for pro vs. gamer GPUs. I am not surprised by the results.

    If you benchmarked gaming performance, the results would be very different.

    Good run down! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for the benchies.
  5. Thanks for the info - very useful.

    Any idea of a similar test that compares the Quadro 4000 2GB card for viewport performance ?
  6. hi, can we have more details about scene setup, and benchmark as I noticed recently max 2013 is slower two times in wireframe and edged faces mode compared with max 2012, max 2014 works fine on same level as 2012 but under one condition, back face cull on all objects must be off. all test was made on nitrous drivers
  7. Hello, inspired by this post, went ahead and bought a quadro 600(although it says k600 both on the sticker and Windows 7 64bit)

    My results are based on 335.23 nvidia drivers and nitrous dx11 (recommended) mode of 3dsmax 2014:

    A heavy scene full of furnitures and textures and camera flythrough:
    GTX 680 12fps

    k600: 8 fps.

    A forest scene with 3d tress and camera flythrough:
    gtx 680 18 fps
    k600 14 fps.

    something is weird...what i see in my case is a gtx 680 performing better than a pro card...
    As far as i have read, there are no performance drivers to use with quadro series for 3dmsax 2012-14.

    So quadro cards are for GPU rendering only from now on?
  8. hi, i have a question
    currently i can get a quadro 4000 or a gtx 660 for a ~ 120 $
    which one would be better for viewport shading in 3dsmax
    i have an intel w3680 , 24g of ram and my scenes are usually around 15mil polys
  9. Ahmed Tawfiq said:
    hi, i have a question
    currently i can get a quadro 4000 or a gtx 660 for a ~ 120 $
    which one would be better for viewport shading in 3dsmax
    i have an intel w3680 , 24g of ram and my scenes are usually around 15mil polys

    Go for the Quadro... at least if you will not gaming, if this card is for a workstation you'll get better results with the Quadro...
  10. that was a quick reply .. thank you :)
    no i will not be gaming and will not use it for render
    just interested in fps in viewport as my hd4870 started to fail me @ high poly count

    btw.. i currently use a HD4870 and i get 5~8 fps @ 3 mil poly using nitrous too

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