Debating a new build.

I just got back from doing the whole army thing and decided I wanted to build me a new gaming desktop. I have some questions on which pieces are top atm and what's the right setup for me. I'm really just into stuff like bf3, skyrim and other shooters and mmo type games. My budget is around $1300 right now and that's for just the tower. Don't need a monitor, keyboard or mouse or OS. So far ive built what I can on pcpartpicker but wanted to get some opinions and options from the community.
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  1. Also wanted to note I already bought a HAF XM case. So the $1300 doesnt include that either lol
  2. For gaming, your build looks real good. i would get a 2nd RAM kit and go up to 16gb
  3. My revision

    This is just my opinon.

    A amd 8320+gtx 680 :-)
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