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Hi all

I desperately need a new computer, mine is seriously dated and I am a 3D architectural visualiser and would like to work from home sometimes. I realise my budget isn't at the high end, so it's important I balance the costs with spending the most on the most vital components, I'm am a bit dumb as far as computer spec goes so hoping you kind folk can help me. If anyone knows of a good place to order for Germany that would be very helpful too.

Budget Range: 700-1000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: 3D Modelling/rendering using mainly 3D Studio Max, zbrush, photoshop

Parts Not Required: Harddrives

Country: Germany or possibly in the UK

Overclocking: Maybe

I look forward to your help.


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  1. I can't seem to edit the message, I wanted to say the budget is £700-900/€1000... forgot to put it in
  2. Can you post a website you are looking to buy from? Not familiar with European sites
  3. I know of three websites here, it's part of the problem though (apart from not knowing what to look for) as I'm from England and don't really know if these are expensive or not. The websites are - -
  4. I'd need a new motherboard too though, the current one I have is an Asus P5Q SE2. Presumably the motherboard I have need a certain kind of ram too. Also does anyone know of a graphic card to go for for my needs?
  5. Will you be playing games on this PC ?

    What sort of rendering do you do with Max (scanline: the default renderer, Mental Ray, iRay, VRay etc. )

    Do you need to include OS in the price ?
  6. No games. Vray for rendering and no OS needed.

    I have a case which is quite large, I guess it's dependant on the motherboard whether I need to replace it. I also have a DVD rom and harddrives.

    I'd also probably need a PSU, mine is only 450w
  7. Is there any more info I can add to get a bit more help here?
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