GPU Fails after short period,runs fine,without gaming

i have a Nvidia 9800 GT GPU it has been crashing and has become quite warm also,it keeps crashing my games after about 5min. My power supply is 500w, top output is 432w is this enough power,my onboard GPU does not crash the games at all,some said i need more power ,thats why the card is heating up,so what do i need 550w ,i can't see that little of a difference would make it right,let me know what i need here ,confused,new card or power?thanks dave :( :??:
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  1. okay so your video card is overheating..first thing to do is to get some software such as msi afterburner and change the fan settings to higher settings, your power supply is fine. the card is unstable because of temps and not because you dont have enough power
  2. I suspect that you have a cooling problem
    Is the fan turning?
    Is there dust that needs to be cleared out of the gpu.
    Your psu is fine.
  3. PSU advertised wattage is fine, could still be a bad PSU, whats the make and model?
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