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I have a laptop with a gt 630m card. I was wondering if it would be possible to replace it with a gt 650m, if I brought it to some professional. I thought that this may be possible because the chips are of same size, but I'm not sure. And I'm not sure if other things matter.

My current laptop:
Lenovo Ideapad z 580
gt 630m
Intel Core i5-3210m
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  1. The BIOS would need to be able to identify the GT 650m. If it does not then the GT 650m would basically be unusable. Only Lenovo will be able to give you that information and they would probably be very reluctant to do so.

    Additionally, the GT 650m puts out more heat than the GT 630m so the heatsink cannot deal with that extra heat, then your laptop will have overheating issues which can eventually kill your laptop.
  2. Its hard to beable to replace Laptop GPU's most of the time they are built in and impossible to replace

    If you can get a new GPU then It would have to fit and would have to be capable of being detected by the laptop

    Good Luck
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