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Computer cleaning tips

I have a really dusty computer. Ive seen the videos where they use compressed air but i live in india and you dont get compressed air here. How can i clean my PC?
I have a vacuum cleaner that has a 'blow' mode. can i use that?
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  1. no

    too much air friction in the vacuum cleaner and that will create a lot of static electricity
  2. How about a bicycle pump? That should work.
  3. I crank up my trusty old Honda pressure washer and go to town. Make sure you get inbetween all the cracks and crevices of yur Motherboard and video card. Adding bleach really adds to the shine and gives it that "clean smell"
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    All jokes aside Any type of low pressure air compressors will do the trick. I hate using compressed air. 47 for a can of air in the US is just stupid.

    A bicycle pump would be fine but I highly doubt it will give the constant air pressure needed to actually blow dust away from the pc. Sounds like you just need to get al ittle creative. I'm sure you know at least 1 person with an air compressor.
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