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7750 xfx - all signs point to GPU failure but pass hardware tests

3-month old 7750 Graphics Card -GSOD/buzzing with 3d video/gaming
For the past few months I've been plagued with video problems...

In July, RIGHT AFTER my warranty expired with dell my 4850 HD died.

I bought a 7750 HD XFX and was quite happy for about a month. Made sure I driver-sweeped the old drivers and kept the catalyst/drivers up to date and have been left with a 95% EXCELLENT quality of video AND 5% GREY SCREEN OF DEATH/BUZZING problem.

It also has problems switching audio when I switch from my monitor to flatscreen with HDMI. It occasionally detects the audio easily when i hit "windows key" + p and occasionally will not. I recently got an error saying something to the effect that my HDMI output wasn't working correctly and haven't been able to reproduce that error. However, I did sweep my Realtek audio drivers, installed new ones, updated my chipset (which I just realized needed updating tonight), and I still got a GSOD. I have pictures and video, but am unsure how to upload easily to this forum.

My GPU passes all stress tests (Furmark, etc.), all dell PC dr. hardware tests, and I have the Ultimate Boot Cd and tried running some memory tests... no problems so far...

Like I said for the most part I am very happy with my machine, except the GSOD which rears its head about 1/3 of the time I watch a movie using VLC, WMP or Netflix/Hulu or whatever online flash based player. It does not necessarily happen when the GPU heats up or works for a while.

It ALWAYS freezes when I do certain things like walk in areas with high smoke/fog rendering in Skyrim. It ALWAYS seems to involve audio and video.

Any and all help would be *GREATLY appreciated*!

Thanks-- I'll try to provide as much info as I can if I left anything important out...
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  1. Sounds like the problem is the HD7750 itself. I would exchange t (if still under warranty) or replace it.
  2. I was afraid that was the response I'd get.

    I fear you're right but is there any other possible cause?

    The GSOD only occurs when I switch to my TV using a 15' hdmi cable.

    Although it still happens regardless of using flash WMP etc. I SEEM to have solved the skyrim problems.

    I never really get this problem when using my monitor. HOWEVER, I never watch movies on my monitor either...
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    Switching displays shouldn't do this. If temps are good and drivers current (along with Windows being up to date), it really does sounds like a suspect video card.
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  5. Ok- I put in a service ticket with XFX. Thanks for helping to confirm!

    (it does really normally work like a dream so you can't blame me for trying!!)
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