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Bluetooth and wi-fi

Hello, can i add a bluetooth mobile to my laptop, i have wi-fi built in laptop but no bluetooth in my system(windows7), i want to share mobile to laptop or vice versa, can i do? am new user,i want to connect mobile to laptop without bluetooth device, is this possible? i want to install bluetooth software but laptop didnot accept why? i think wi-fi and bluetooth are same? please give me ans..
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    Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Wi-fi and Bluetooth aren't the same although both are forms of wireless communication between devices.

    The term wi-fi is usually used to refer to wireless networking when a router is involved as the hub of a network to which computers, Pads and mobile (cell phones) can connect. This is known as a WLAN or Wireless Area Network and not to be confused with a WAN or Wide Area Network which includes and links you to your Internet Service Provider.

    Bluetooth can form the hub of a network - known as a PAN or Private Area Network but is more frequently used to link just one device to another. Both have to have a Bluetooth radio device - and your laptop may not have one, so go buy a dongle - it has to be enabled and also to be Discoverable. Once you've set up your network, turn Discovery off on your devices before going to a public place or some joker might start to interfere with your notification sounds or steal your data.

    No more at this stage at risk of becoming boring but further information is available if you need it.

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