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So I have an GTX 650, I run games like Battlefield 3 on ultra settings, Medal of Honor WF and GTA IV on HIGH settings.
But with Assassins Creed 3 and NFS Most Wanted(2012) I have a lot of fps problems. For example Assassins Creed 3 the beginning at the opera run with 50-60 frames/s but when I enter in Boston GPU usage is at 40 % and the fps is like 21.

At NFS Most Wanted outside the city 40-60 fps on high in city 18-29 fps( also gpu usage at 50%).

So these are the two games I experienced a lot of problems. Games like borderlands 2 run with 40-50 fps maxed out on 1080p.

Can you please tell me what is causing for these two games the low gpu usage/fps ?
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  1. GTX 650 is a budget GPU, it's fairly weak.

    You CAN'T be playing Battlefield 3 in ultra settings at 1080p, your GPU would get like 20-25 FPS, just look at benchmarks

    It could be a CPU bottleneck but I don't think so. Your GPU is running Battlefield 3 in ultra settings right? lol.

    Vram could be a problem too, 1 GB of vram is pretty low right now for 1080p gaming. A lot of games has begun to use more vram over the last year.
  2. Sounds like it is your CPU bottlenecking if you are seeing this issues in cities and such... What are your system specs?
  3. 1- CPU bottle necking
    2- AC3 is not realy optimizd and runs slow on computers with much better GPUS It could just be the game
    3- you could be overheating (99.9% sure your not becasue your only at 40% GPU usage)

    So most likely just the games.
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