Crash when livestreaming and watching full HD videos

Hello, I know there has been alot of threads alot like mine but none of them really gave me the answers I'm looking for and they seem to have slightly different issues to the one I am experiencing.

So my system is about 3-4 months old and it has served me brilliantly, I play alot of games on it and they seem to run fine apart from the odd hiccup with drivers etc but that is not the systems fault. But just recently my system keeps completely freezing when I'm either livestreaming or just watching HD videos through youtube in fullscreen?! Unlike alot of the other people reporting the same sort of issue I don't get strange colours on screen at all I just get a black screen and the only thing I can do is reset the system. This doesn't happen with watching DVDs or films from my HDD at all. I did roll back my drivers to play skyrim for a while but have since updated them back to 12.10 and this issue still happens.. Any help would be really appreciated guys thanks in advance.
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  1. First step when the issue involves Flash, is to try disabling the hardware acceleration feature. Several versions on, it still seems to be a rather hit or miss proposition.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Ok I'm going to try that now, I'll let you know if anything changes.
  3. Well, it worked for about 10 minutes then it happened again :( Any other suggestions?
  4. Ok I managed to fix it by uninstalling chrome and reinstalling it, Also switched to the 12.11 beta driver for my gfx card seems to have done the job :)
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