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Cuda Cores

I am going to get a pc, and i dont know which graphics card i should get?
I could get an evga tx 580 3gb 512 cuda cores
Evga gtx 680 2gb 1580 cuda cores
Would the cuda cores matter?
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  1. 680 is better.
  2. why is it better? The 580 would be the classified version vs the 680 ftw
  3. ...yes, but the difference between those cards is evident in lots of things besides the amount of cores, the 200$+ difference for example.
  4. The difference at newegg is 40 dollars
  5. Newer, more cores, lots of reasons, new tech is always going to be better than old.
  6. If you are looking into the best available 580, you are just better off going with a moderate 680.
  7. The 580 gtx is not worth it, a 660ti is better, a 670 far more better and the 680 gtx is much, much more better.
    It's a no brainer going with a older series, when the new ones offer better performance, lower power consumption, less heat, more features(txaa,nvidia surround).
  8. that chart shows the gtx 590 3072m the second best? thats the one im looking at for buying
  9. Get this one :

    Don't go with that 580 or any 580, get a 670 performs much better, it's at the same price, offers two games.

    Or if you prefer EVGA :

    It has the 680 pcb, overall great card, overclock well.
  10. im looking for a 680 though
  11. Well everyone is giving you advice, if you don't wanna listen, don't ask.
  12. i know that they are giving advice but im just trying to get the best affordable (under 500) $ graphic card
  13. bigbass416 said:

    Yes, it will be much better than the 580 gtx, but it's expensive though, if going with a ~370$ card get a 670 gtx(it's difference is minimal vs 680 gtx), if not get a 7970 ghz edition, both will be much better than the 580 gtx.

    But i prefer this one if going with a 7970 ghz edition :
  14. ok thanks i will go with the evga oc it looks great
  15. what psu should i get for it?
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  17. never mind i will get the 7970 for the cooling because my pc will be without watercooling for 3 months
  18. besides with the amd i get 4-1 game coupon
  19. that sapphire is SUPER NICE
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