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Hd 7770 vs hd 6850

between a hd 7770(1100mhz) and hd 6850, which one should i get for 1366*768 gaming?? i heard that both hd 7770 and hd 6850 are equal, is it true??
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    i would get the 7770 due to the fact that it is a newer card and uses low power/produces less heat.

    also because it is a newer card it should be more future proof :)
  2. i own both. i would go with the 7770, as sam said, uses less power, and the performance is very close.

    its really up to you, one card may be better at one thing where as the other is better at another thing

    but in terms of temprature/power consumption id go with the 7770 :)
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