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SLI or Upgrade

I have a MSI GeForce GTX 660Ti PE sitting in my machine right now and it obviously plays everything I throw at it quite well. I have recently been thinking about it buying an identical card and going SLI. I have been having second thoughts lately due to microstuttering. Is microstuttering an issue still with the new Kepler cards or is a thing of the past? I would rather not spend another 300 and upgrade my PSU for another 100 if I am going to experience stuttering. I am also consideing other upgrade paths and putting the 660Ti on Craigslist (yes I know early). I have my choices down below so let me know what you guys think and what your experiences have been.

-SLI 660Ti
-MSI GTX 680 Lightning
-MSI GTX 680 non Lightning
-MSI GTX 670
-Gigabyte Radeon HD 7970 OC (Does Crossfire microstutter as well?)
-Wait for AMD's 8xxx series

Maybe get a 7970 and Crossfire later if MC is not an issue. I have really been entertaining the idea of trying out AMD's best and it is also sounding pretty good in terms of bang for buck but with the choices I have up budget is not really an issue.

My Rig

i5 3570k
MSI z77 Mpower
Corsair XMS3 16gb
Corsair ForceGT 90 Gaming
Corsair Neutron GTX 240 Data/Gaming
SanDisk 64 OS
WD 350GB HDD Data
Storm Trooper
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    I have used crossfire 3870s, SLI GTX 280s and I now currently use SLI GTX 660ti Galaxy 3gb GC cards.

    Each new pair of cards has had less micro stutter than the pair before. (the crossfired 3870s were unbearable)

    I have yet to experience any stutter from the 660tis. Additionally, I have been able to max out every game at 1080P and get a constant 60FPS. Games like BF3 run maxed out with 50%-60% load on the GPUs and therefore don't require the fans to spin up.

    All the other cards you mentioned would give you significantly less of a performance increase than SLI would give you.
  2. Crossfire can have stuttering, but there are ways to fix it with ease.

    Don't waste your money on a 680; it's only 5% more powerful than a 670, which isn't worth the $100 premium.

    I have a 3570k and an EVGA 670, both overclocked, and I can max out most games out there at 120fps. The ones I can't are either horribly coded (Like metro 2033), or require selective turn-downs, such as supersampling on the Witcher 2 or shadows on BF3... nothing that makes a noticeable difference, graphically.

    You're going to get amazing performance out of either a 670 or 7970.
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