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I have a Radeon HD 6850. When i watch HD Video it cuts out, till i move the mouse. Any suggestions, and what settings should i use in CCC?
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  1. did you check youre power settings yet, could it just be that you pc is trying to save power when it appears to be idle? does it happen right away or after a few min?

    start > control panel > power options > adjust plan settings
  2. It only dos it in HD vidio after a minute or so, when i move to mouse it runs again?
  3. what program are you using to watch the vids?
  4. just on chrome watching you tube...
  5. does it happen if you try another browser?
  6. I changed the power setting to HIGH PERFORMANCE still freezes till i wiggle the mousse.
    Any other suggestions any body?
    And what should the AMD VISION Engine Control Center be set at for a xfx Radeon hd 6850 to get result's?

    Thanks The Great Randini for you information on the power setting...
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    try reloadng flash?
  8. K, i will, any idea for the CCC setting for a 6850?
  9. I still have the same problem. What is the best player for watching HD content in Google Chrome?
    Dose anybody have screen shoots of the settings for the 6850 in AMD VISION Engine Control Center?
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