Is my motherboard capable of running the GeForce 9800 GT?

My motherboard is the HP Media Center, m8400f, I upgraded my PSU to 450 Watt and my CPU fan(In case you need to know) I bought the PNY GeForce 8800 GTS, but it was long and the fan was to thick and blocked some slots for a couple cords making remove it to get it in. Before upgrading the CPU fan it made a high pitched squeal and when getting a new one it still made the noise.

The GeForce 9800 GT is the same as the 8800, but not as long. My only question is, will my motherboard support it?

Motherboard model: MCP61PM-HM
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  1. Looks like a PCIe 2.0 board, so yes, it will work.
  2. The motherboard has a X16 pci-e graphics expansion slot, so you are good there.

    But, the 8800GTS is an older and more power hungry card that some suggest needs a 500W psu.
    Read this chart:

    I would go ahead and try it, particularly if your psu is a decent brand and quality.
    If the card does not run or you get artifacts, be prepared to change out the card or the psu.
  3. Alright, thank you guys. I had to be sure.
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