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Sudden very weird issue with internet in specific room.....

Ok , this is a wackly problem and I have never experiened anything like it :sweat:
All of a sudden yesterday when i arrived home from work , I noticed my desktop pc's internet was running considerably slower, after doing a speedtest , I was getting 0.50mbps-2mbps down from a steady 20mbps, I have tried everything from computer spyware scans, restarting router modem, clearing cache and cleaning registry.
Now hears the creepy thing,
This only happens in the corner of my room where my computer is... if I go to the door or into the hallway with my phone or IPad, theres NO problem at all, I get a steady 20mbps, but then if I bring them over to the corner of my room where the computer is, theres an INSTANT drop to about 0.50mbps of download speed. My upload speed and ping are normal. I have not installed anything new on my computer, we have no new baby monitors/landline phones etc in the house.. and theres no new networks set up besides my house even though I doubt that can be it since it only effects this small corner of my room where my pc happens to be. I've had my desktop set up in this area of my room for 5 years now and have had 3 desktops here in the past years and this has never happened to any of them. I really don't know what it could be and would like some help

its like some government satelite is firing a laser right to my computer from the sky and it's so precise it only hits the couple of feet wide this corner of my room is where the computer is
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    While it does sound odd and I have no opinions on government satellites other than always wearing a nice aluminum hat, one solution would be with either your current wireless card, or a replacement card that has the capability, to unscrew the antenna and use a short run of cable or wire to extend the location of the card's antenna to a point in the room that has better radio signal.

    Your other alternative would be to reposition the router or extend one of its antennae to improve reception.
  2. This will be your neighbors wifi or a cordless telephone.

    The wifi will be on the same chanel as yours and this corner is within range.

    access the setup screen for your router and manually change the chanel.
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