PC to Rear Projection TV no HDMI

I was just sitting here wondering if it was possible to display movies / videos from my PC to an older 55" HDTV (Rear Projection) using composite somehow.

My video card is the Sapphire Radeon 6850 with 1 HDMI, 1 Display Port & 2 DVI outputs. One DVI is connected to my Samsung LED 24" 1920x1080 monitor. Is there anyway to connect it to my Samsung 55" TV? Some kind of HDMI to Composite converter?
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  1. Yeah, I feel pretty dumb now. I should have just Google'd it. I'm assuming this would also work for consoles? Say, an Xbox 360, using the HDMI port and the cable converting the digital signal to RCA for the TV.
  2. I think so, if you were trying to go from an analog to a digital signal or vice-versa, then you would need something to convert in-between. But I think since they are both digital you just need a simple "port-changing" cable.
  3. Ehh, maybe wait for confirmation before ordering, are you trying to go from HDMI to an RGB input or to an Red White Yellow? I may have to look into it if no one else gets back to it.
  4. HDMI to Composite (red, white, yellow)
  5. HDMI is digital and compoisite is analog... its not going to happen without a converter box.

    Does your tv maybe have component inputs? You could get those to work with a dvi to component adapter as long as your gpu supports dvi-a or dvi-i
  6. OK so Composite is 3 RCA's, Red, White & Yellow. Composite is 5 RCA's, Red Green, Blue, Red & White?

    Edit: Alright, took a quick pic. I have 2 of each, Composite & Component.

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