Asus GT640 - 2GD3

I am thinking of buying this card (Asus GT640 - 2GD3). I need at least 4 monitors (not for gaming).
Does anyone knows if this card can support 4 monitors (each one shows different things) or even extend desktop to 4 monitors?

Thank you very much!
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  1. It can but one wil be VGA, and whats your budget on a GPU mabey we can find some that will do better with 4 monitors under 100 and would be pretty good

    Good Luck
  2. I did not understand what you meant, only 1 will be VGA.

    To be more exact. Its for my job. I want many screens (HD LCDs) as extended desktop, some will have applications running, others videos and other the desktop.
    The 4 screens may become 6-8 and i was thinking on adding one more of the same card and order a PC with 2 PCI e x16 slots to add 2 of these GPUs.

    Still not decided on budget but i already found other cards costing 400-1000 euro and i thought that 200 euros for 2 GT 640 are far better than 400 euros for 1 card that can give me up to 5 monitors.

    I am open for ideas!
  3. I am having some frustration with this card also in regards to multiple monitors. The Asus website says: "Drive up to four HD displays (up to three with NVIDIA Surround® technology), or connect to a 3D-enabled TV for a true cinematic 3D experience"

    But trying to do it with the included software and the Windows 7 control panel, it seems like you can't do it.

    However, if you search the ASUS knowledge base, it tells you to go to the NIVIDA website, and download a driver: (release date is May 2010--which seems pretty old to me, see below for newer drivers).

    That said, the nvidia website does not specify that the driver supports the GT640 2G3D.

    The ASUS website also offers these two drivers: (release date is Dec. 2012) (Release date May 2012)

    I have not had a chance yet to install any of these drivers on my windows 7 new build with this card, but I think I have it on another computer, which is an XP computer, and once, when I had three monitors attached, it seemed like it was giving me the option to run three monitors--but that was on a card that support NIVIDA GT 610, not 640. If you're confused, so am I.

    But I will try to install a few of these setups and let you know what I get.

    UPDATE: It works easily with the NIVIDA control panel software. Plug in the monitors, run the control panel software. All very easy.
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