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So i just built this new computer, its only sound device is ATI HD Rear Audion Output, now I've plugged my headphones, and my speakers into both the front headphone port and the back Green output port. But no sound comes out. Ive tried disabling it and turning the BIOS audio setting to Enabled, but that didnt work, ive tried using different speaker settings that didnt work, ive tried using a usb speaker, THAT WORKS, BUT i cannot record sound from it and im trying to do lets plays. SO CAN ANYONE HELP
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  1. Quote:
    So i just built this new computer...

    Immediately thinking you need to download and install the sound drivers from your motherboard manufacturer or the chip manufacturer.

    Most integrated sound cards are very buggy. I'd get one that plugs into you PCIE x1 port. They are very cheap.

    I would disagree with this statement. In 16 years of system building, I've never come across a motherboard where the on-board audio was faulty.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Either yours or mine. Until we get some outside points of reference, we won't know! :bounce:

    -Wolf sends
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