Should I get extra fans for CM Storm Stryker?

Title says it all folks. not sure if i should get extra fans for the storm stryker or not. Saw in the video review for the case you can take off the top 200mm fan and put a twin ?140mm? in it. any suggestions for any extra fans for the case?
will be an i7 3770k, 7970 gpu, and 212+ cooler - so will be overclocking.
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    Dont really need to.

    I have the same case and the same graphic card and the same cpu cooler

    My 6300 goes to around 40c while gaming

    my 7970 xfx dd with 50% fan speed goes to about 65c-68c

    Just turn the fans around so there sucking in from the front
  2. great. thanks.
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  4. No worries dude any time .
  5. Yea what stan said, if you really wanted better temps just get a better cooling like adding an extra $8(pretty much what a single extra fan would cost that is mid quality) and make the 212 evo into a xigmatia dark knight or a noctua($50) one would be the better choice
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