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650ti 2gb best choice? gaming, etc

Hi trying to keep budget between $150-170, prefer NVidia cards.

My build:

i5 3570k currently using the HD4000 onboard gpu
Azrock Z77e-itx board
Crucial ballistic 8gb ram @1600
Seasonic 550w gold rated psu
Coolermaster Hyper TX3 cpu cooler
Intel 335 SSD 240gb
WD Green 1.5TB hd
Lite-on dvd drive
Samsung s22b150 monitor (has d-sub input)
Windows 8

Works great almost a month now! My gpu intensive programs:

MMO have 2 clients running 24/7 (game Jade Dynasty has ingame bot built into the game, levels with your character)

Photoshop/gimp, Illustration/Inkscape, Autocad, SKetchup, 2-4 hours a day max for these programs. Sometimes 5gb-100gb files.

Office programs for reports and spreadsheets stuff.

Maybe try some newer games.

Was looking at the 650ti 2gb from Gigabyte, plan to buy a card next 2 weeks.

The MMO i'm always running isn't too graphics intensive but i'd also like to use fraps with it for mass pvp, and also play another game maybe sometimes (the 650ti comes with assassin's creed 3) while grinding my 2 characters on autopilot. Basically talking about running 3 games the same time... OR 2 games running (2 Jade Dynasty clients) plus some light graphic or student work. So far have some minor graphics problems doing all this with the hd4000 integrated gpu, won't see some players on busy maps etc. Mostly runs fine though so I don't think I need a big upgrade. Was thinking I should get the 2gb version of the card because the extra memory should allow for my excessive multitasking. Also the Gigabyte card is the only 650-ti that has a native d-sub output, not an external dvi to d-sub adapter. Thanks for any advice!
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    650 Ti's are good cards for the price, they also very small which I think is cool. I'm not so sure if they're powerful enough to use 2Gigs though, only if your running in 1080p then maybe.I've seen lot's of problems with Gigabyte cards on these forums (notice I run a Gigabyte main board though, so I don't hate the company), those 650 Ti's don't run very hot either so it's not like you need that big heatsink, these ones are cheaper and the general opinion of EVGA cards is very good.
  2. A 2GB card is not needed on a 22inch display, (1080p or 1200p). Also due to the lower memory bandwidth of the card, it wouldn't fully utilize 2GB. Personally, i actually have a 650 Ti, so i am in a good position to advise.
    I have the EVGA 650 Ti SuperSuperClocked. It is ridiculously fast for the money, the best performance of the 650 Ti's. IMO, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS normally make better cards but EVGA did a really great job on this.
    My experiences (All in 1080p):
    Minecraft: Never drop below 130 FPS unless TnT blows up,
    Black Ops 2: High textures, Highest Anti-aliasing, 90 Fov, 8x AF, never drop below 55fps and average 65-70.
    Counter Strike: Source (Lol easy i know): maxed out never drop below 180 FPS. EVER.
    And a few other results I can't recall.
    Wow i pretty much just wrote a review :P
  3. i've read reviews saying the Gigabyte card is extremely quiet, this is important as my pc is basically silent and i'd like to keep it that way. How is the EVGA card under medium load? Heavy load?

    Playing 2+ different games at the same time, or game and large photoshop files or 3d open all at same time (1080p for now)... will the 2gb actually be utilized (vs the 1gb version of the card) also is the small investment in 2gb gonna help future-proof for gaming and some light 3d modeling etc down the line? Not so sure which specs for these cards are important as i've been looking at benchmarks mainly.

    Also is the native d-sub port for my monitor better than using a dvi -> D-sub converter?
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