HD6870 Crossfire Issue?

So I haven't had any issues before and My dual HD6870's were running fine. I decided to finally update to 12.10 and now one graphics card doesn't seem to like to stay recognized. When I first boot the computer both are running then a few seconds after windows is done loading the 2nd GFX card decides to not be noticed anymore and doesn't respond to fan speed changes(In CCC). The fan on it is still spinning @ maybe 20%. But in CCC everything about the 2nd card is at 0 in the Graphics Overdrive tab. Odd thing is, When windows first loads I can read all the stats in Graphics Overdrive (Activity: 0% GPU Clock: 300MHz, Mem Clock:300mhz, Temp:40c, Fan Speed: 50%). After a few seconds Everything goes to 0 and when I try to adjust the fan speed nothing happens. It gets weirder, If I start GPUz to check on the cards it says they both are running and then about 2 seconds after starting GPUz the 2nd card readings come back into CCC Graphics OverDrive tab and I can adjust fan speed again but as soon as I close GPUz the 2nd card seems to stop responding again. This just happened after updating to 12.10. Sorry about the long post, I hope someone can help.

Edit: Wanted to add that I first installed 12.10 drivers over top of old drivers. Was doing the same thing. So I then did a complete driver sweep and deleted all my amd drivers and re-installed 12.10, and still the same thing.

Setup: CROSSHAIR IV Formula/ AMD Phenom II x6 1090T/ 8GB Ripjaw (Not that it matters because everything worked fine before 12.10)
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  1. go back to the last driver
  2. I was hoping there was another answer to this problem other than rolling back drivers. It doesn't seem like I am getting 100% out of these cards or using them to their full potential which is the reason for updating the drivers in the first place.. The BEST drivers that I had for these cards was from MANY MANY moons ago and I can't remember/or seem to be able to find that driver anymore.
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