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Hi im thinking of buying a imac and iwork. Has iwork got a function on there where it would be able to tell me how many products selling at so many £ I would need to sell to reach my sales target of so many £. If not is there some other program I could use that would tell me this? Thanks
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  1. You should be able to that and more in any spreadsheet. I'd recommend buying/building a £300 PC and putting OpenOffice (completely free) on it.
  2. If you like the design of the imac, go for it. You may end up having to do a lot of horizontal scroolling with your work right? The apple mouse wich is multi-touch is great for it.

    You can have openoffice on a Mac too.
  3. Just get a regular office PC and load OpenOffice on it. Absolutely no reason to use i-anything right now.
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