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Hey All,

Been reading this forum a lot the last few days trying to narrow down my new gaming build. This is all this machine does so really trying to bleed the most performance out of my budget. I've decided on the 3570k as my CPU and I have a general direction for the rest but having trouble narrowing down the final parts. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Video Card:
This is my biggest confusion point. Seen a lot of 670, 680 and 7970 recommended. I have always been a nVidia fan but I am not against having an AMD card if it's going to provide a better experience. I run a 1920x1200 monitor if that helps narrow the choices down.

Hard Drive:
I was thinking of using an SSD as the OS and App drive and a larger SATA3 drive for game installs. But in looking at my current gaming space used on my machine, I could comfortably use a second SSD for that as well. Say a For a pure gaming machine though, would I see the benefits of an SSD? Or should I just save the money and get a standard SATA3 drive like the WD Black?

ASRock Z77 Extreme4:
ASRock Z77 Professional:

Am I reading it right that the PRO simply has more ports? (SATA, NIC, etc). Or is there some other benefit?

Power Supply:

Overkill for right now but I wanted to leave some breathing room in the event I grab a second video card. Have seen both referenced as decent power supply. Either stand out as the better buy?
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  1. the parts
    PC parpicker is messed right now so these are the things that need changing

    CPU cooler is here. you have to email noctua for 1155 mounting brackets to make it work. this is the lga 2011 edition. the only difference between the regular and this is that this has better PWM controlled fans and is currently cheaper. the 1155 brackets are free



    motherboard can be price matched to save on shipping
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    That motherboard isn't one of the ones I had listed above. What are the benefits of that one over the ASRock Z77 series?

    Also, are you saying I won't see any performance gains from the SSD in the hard drive area since you listed all SATA drives?
  3. the board i have chosen has better power delivery even though it has less phases

    all drives are sata 3 in the build. i just chose a 2tb seagate and a plextor 256gb SSD. its not worth getting black drives and the samsung 840 non pro uses very low quality flash chips
  4. Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated!
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