New computer, won't turn on

Hello, I built a brand new computer.
I've connected everything, plugged in power to PSU, and tried to turn on the computer.
Nothing happened. I hear nothing.

I'm pretty sure that I connected the connectors correctly on the mobo. (Double checked it on mobo manual)
The PSU is Corsair CX 430, and I did turn it on with the switch.
Both 24 pin for mobo and 4 pin for CPU from PSU is connected.

What can the problem be?
If this is too vague, please let me know what info you guys need.


Mobo - B75MA-E33
CPU - Intel Pentium G860 LGA1155
RAM - Corsair XMS3 2x4GB
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM
GPU - Radeon HD 7770

Edit: I'll try to remember the exact steps that I used to build the computer.
1. Installed the processor in mobo.
2. Installed the heat sink on top of processor. Connected fan cable to mobo.
3. Installed RAM.
4. Placed the mobo in the case and secured it.
5. Connected the front panel connectors to mobo. Double checked everything, matches the manual.
6. Placed HDD and Optical Drive in the case. Connected it to mobo with SATA cables.
7. Installed the GPU on mobo.
8. Placed the PSU in the case and connected it to the following:
- HDD / Optical Drive
- Mobo (24 pin)
- CPU (4 pin)
- GPU (6 pin PCI-E)
- Case fan
9. Connected PSU to power and turned it on, nothing.

Is there a step I missed?
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  1. Please show us complete system specs:
    - motherboard model
    - CPU model
    - amount/type of RAM
    - number of harddrives
    - brand/model of GPU
  2. what other parts did you have connect to the motherboard and psu ?
  3. you also need a 4/8 pin power connected the pci power plug is near the cpu on most boards or on the edge of the mb.
  4. Mobo - B75MA-E33
    CPU - Intel Pentium G860 LGA1155
    RAM - Corsair XMS3 2x4GB
    1 HDD
    GPU - Radeon HD 7770

    I connected HDD, Optical Drive, GPU, and the case fans to PSU.

    But PCI power plug sounds new. I will go see where that fits.
  5. I do have an unused PCI-E cord from the PSU, but I don't see any holes that would fit into it on the mobo.
    Edit: My GPU came with an adapter to SATA, so I just used that to plug it into the PSU.
  6. use the pci-e from psu and remove the adaptor from sata to the graphic card the pci-e is made to power the graphic card .
  7. Edited original post.
    it the 4 pin plug between l1r1 chip and the cpu fan header. if the power supply has a 8 pin cable see if it come apart in two pieces. if not just plug it it so 1/2 of the eight pin connecter locks in.
  9. Bump
    Nothing working so far :/
  10. thy the other part of that atx connector on the motherboard look at the plug on the board to use the exact part of the atx cable .
  11. Still nothing.
    I'm thinking about just taking the comp to a local repair shop.
    Would they be able to help me w/ this?
  12. oqwnM said:
    Nothing working so far :/


    Bump posts
  13. i would do a all over rebuidl in case yuo mist something like putting the standoff post between the board and the case .
  14. So,
    - Remove the graphics card.
    - Connect your HDMI/VGA cable to the motherboard.
    - Remove all hard drives from the SATA ports.
    - Remove the memory stick farthest from the CPU.
    - Remove the optical drive from the SATA ports.

    Try to power up the system. If you get no lights, LEDs, beeps or any indication of life whatsoever, your PSU is probably dead. Replace it.

    If you get to BIOS, turn it off and add a harddrive. Reboot. Keep adding one item at a time until it's stable or, you're able to determine the faulty device. The last thing to add back to the system is the GPU.

    Personally, I'm guessing it's your PSU (because, you're smart enough to know not to allow your motherboard to short out against the case, right? RIGHT?).
  15. I'm having a very similar problem. I tried everything above, and all that happens is the fans all turn on, like its ready to boot, but nothing happens. I don't get any signal on my monitor, and I don't hear any beeps. I also don't see any lights anywhere (though that could be because I have a crazy old case...)
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