GTX 670 OR GTX 680?

I am going to upgrade my 470 and i am wondering i f i should get a gtx 670 4gb or 680 2gb
I will be playing planetside 2, bf3, crysis 3, assains creed 3, farcry etc....
I will play on a single 1920 by 1080.
I wan to max out the settings on all those games.
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  1. If your running 3 monitors or more then the GTX 670 4gb
    If your running 2 monitors or less than the GTX 680 will be a better card

    The 4gb VRAM is only good for multi monitor sett ups
  2. ok thnx
  3. yeh defiantly get the GTX680, i would recommend getting the radeon 7970 instead
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