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Hello Everyone,

I'm requesting some assistance on my first build ever. Let me cut straight to the point, I'm breadboarding my new system to make sure every component is properly working. Unfortunately for me, it seems that I have received some DOA components Now i'm stuck with troubleshooting, and it's beginning to look like a lost cause. I shall not give up because there's always a solution to every problem...somewhat.

Anyways back to the subject at hand, when I go to short the power button pin on my motherboard my PSU turns on for about 2-8 seconds and begins a repetitive cycle of turning off and on. During this process the PSU Fan and CPU Fan are cycling on and off, I'm hearing no beeps coming from my motherboard speaker, and no splash screen being displayed on my monitor. I have tried forcing my motherboard to play an error beep with no RAM installed upon boot up and still nothing. I currently have only my CPU, HSF, and PSU connected right now and I'm still receiving a fluctuating electrical current. However, I flipped my PSU's voltage switch from 115 to 230 and was able to receive a constant electrical current with no fluctuations/repetitive on/off cycles. Considering my greenhorn experience with computer building I wasn't sure if this was a "common" solution. This is what I assumed to believe was the solution to my repetitive on/off cycles so I then moved forward with my troubleshooting leaving my PSU on 230 (not sure if this is recommended). I was still receiving no beeps or splash screens from my breadboard set up. So now I'm at stand still here and I'm basically scouring the internet for assistance at this very moment. Future input is much appreciated.
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  1. well did you plug the extra 8/4pin connectors on mobo? dont do 230v....... you are in north america right?

    another PSU u can test? try 1ram stick and in different slots

    do one thing at a time to make sure

    does the system run with PSU/CPU/1xRAM?
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