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Trouble choosing: "unbalanced" card could actually be better?

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December 17, 2012 11:20:06 PM

Budget build. Using old case. Spent $180 (combined) on psu, cpu, mobo, and ram (specs below). Want to splurge a bit on gpu. Looking at high end of the mid-tier cards. Can always to sli/xfire in a few years if i want.

7970 or 660ti are tempting. Don't know it's worth it for my cpu. 660 or 7850 are fine, if that's a smarter choice.

PARTS PREFERENCES: HDs seem more balanced? Looks like GTXs require choosing between texel rate and pixel rate, due to huge discrepancies in bus-widths, texture units, memory, etc.
It feels like I have to choose between AA, AF, resolution. Hard to anticipate where I'm going to feel it. Maybe it's worth it to sacrifice texture units, if even a low-ish texel rate is sufficient for high/max AF on most games, which would allow me to get better bus-width or memory, and therefore AA or resolution, etc... That would mean that it's actually an advantage for the nvidia cards to be "unbalanced". How would I know? Thoughts?

old gpu: ati x800 xt
psu: bfg650
cpu: i3-2100 (dual 3.1 gHz)
mobo: biostar tp67b+
ram: (2x4g) Patriot Viper 3 Extreme Performance Black Mamba PV38G160C9K 8GB Memory Module Kit

BUDGET: 150-250 (but i'm slickdealing, so pretend my budget is 200-300?)
USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, photo editing, watching movies
MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080, might upgrade for photo editing
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: slickdeals (newegg, tigerdirect, fry's, etc)

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December 17, 2012 11:39:08 PM

Michael31 said:
I found a GTX 660ti that is onyl 250$ and its worth the 20$ extra

That graphics card can run all games better than the GTX 660 and only for 20$ more
thats a good deal!

GTX 660ti is deff worth its price. such a good card at such a low price.

Good card - I agree. The pixel rate on the 570 blows this card out of the water, though. Thoughts?
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a b U Graphics card
December 17, 2012 11:54:45 PM

gtx 660 non ti is a better value than than the 660 ti.
if 660 cant play a particular game on max settings so cant the 660 ti.
also 7870 is also a good option but then 7850 is better value and close to 7870 performance
a b U Graphics card
December 18, 2012 12:14:25 AM

You might as well get the 660 and make your other components better, the biggest jumps in performance are 660Ti to 670 and 650Ti to 660. If you want to spend extra get a used or refurbished 670 or even a refurbished 680.

Or you can just go with the 7970 you mentioned, much better.