Good Upgrade?

i bought a new card from newegg today should come in a couple of days just wondering if it was a good choice and how big the difference of fps will be

Old card:

New card:

processor: AMD FX-8150
SSD/HDD: vertex 3,Barracuda
MB: Crosshair v fomula
PSU: 650W
Case: Thor
Ram: Ripjaws
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  1. yes its a good choice. the 7770 is twice as powerful as a 6670 so your frame rates should theoretically double
  2. Just a quick glance at the benchmarks, I'd say at least double. But I think a more difficult benchmark is being placed on the 7770, so if you're running your games with the same settings, probably more than double.
  3. Nice choice, the 7770 is a really cost effective/powerful card. Your framerates will take a solid boost, probably double by a conservative estimate. Nice processor btw, I'm currently running the FX-8120 :)
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