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AMD VS NVIDIA For Programs That Edit Photos/Videos

For what I would say "media editing" which graphics card is better to use that will speed it up?
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  1. Nvidia and CUDA all the way, especially with higher end editing software like those from Adobe. I have tested GeForces, Radeons, Fire Pros and Quadros. The GeForces always came out on top. The more CUDA cores, the faster it will go (as long as you use the 400 or 500 series cards, not the 600 series (even though it has many more CUDA cores, it is not nearly as fast in software).
  2. Yeah. It seems NvIDIA did something to their 600 series cards. It seems they want to make a place for their Quadro series cards. Quadro used for what your suggesting, and Geforce for gaming. (Geforces origianl purpose)

    I highly agree with maestro048
  3. Except when programs use opencl.... then Nvidia's current generation cards gets crushed...
  4. And I forgot about that. I hardly EVER use OpenCL
  5. You want to look at the specific apps you use and wether ot not they support OpenCL, CUDA or both.
    OpenCL or both = AMD cards
    CUDA = Nvidia cards
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    If you're a professional at your work you'll need a Quadro or a FirePro based GPU, these cards are designed specifically for rendering, 3D Work, animation and so...

    The only disadvantage of these cards is their prices, a mid range card can cost you around $500 and they are useless for gaming.

    Recently AMD teamed with Adobe, the new creative CS6 Suite supports both OpenCL and OpenGL to accelerate the new and existing features of the suite.

    And you can read this article by Toms that covers the OpenCL and OpenGL Acceleration with the CS6

    The newer HD 7K series has much more power GPGPU computations than nVidia GTX 6K series, not all the Adobe Applications use the CUDA, check the article above for benchmarks related to both companies.
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