FSX Stable frame rates

Im having issues with my FPS. I have bouncing fps, even when fsx is limited to 30fps. I cant get a stable setting. My pcs an HP Pavilion elite m9500f)
Here are my specs:

AMD phenom 9750 quad core (2.40gh)
8 g Ram
1tb Hardrive
Nvidia geforce 9500gs

The video card is running at 54 degrees C, due to a main fan burn out, it is using two external fans to keep it cool.
Heres my plan, a plan from a newbie who doesn't really know what to do.

PLAN #1:

Get new, more powerful processor(But should it have 6 cores and 3.2 gh, or 4 cores and 4.2??????)
Change to 12g ram
get new, replacement fan to get video card temps back to normal


plan #2:
Get new, more powerful video card(If you think I should do this, which one??)
Change to 12g ram


So with both plans, i am unsure of the results. My main concern is stable fps, above 30fps. I would also like to be able to up my settings(include more air traffic and more scenery density) but that's not really super important

Sp which plan do I go with? and if #1, a 6 core or 4 core proccesor? whats suggested gh? Thanks for your help in advance.
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